About me...


            Hi! I'm Wendy. 


I am an Eligible Midwife.  I have been a registered midwife and  practicing midwifery since 2006.  I work at Albury Wodonga Health as a midwife and am also a Privately Practicing Midwife who lives and works in the Albury Wodonga Region. Your Midwife is owned and operated by me.


What does an eligible midwife do?   

Provide antenatal care, order ultrasounds and pathology tests, prescribe medication and provide postnatal care.


This means that you can see me for your antenatal and postnatal care and claim rebates from Medicare.  I can order all your antenatal ultrasounds and all the necessary blood tests.  I am also medication endorsed which means I can prescribe certain medications. I can refer you to other health care providers as nesessary.
















I am married, with three children of my own and aside from living in Cairns for two years, have lived in the Albury Wodonga region since 1993.